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Childcare for 3-8 year olds

Childcare for chidren aged 3 - 8 years

Our environment is well planned with specific learning outcomes and is organised to encourage rich and stimulating experiences for children. We ensure children achieve and enjoy their interests by allowing them to contribute to the planning of activities by having their views recorded in activity sheets at both the planning and evaluating stages.

The pre-school supports 3 - 8 year olds learning and development within the EYFS guidelines; the playroom being divided into various workshops representing the seven areas of learning. We created a sensory, cosy and an ICT area using the ECERS environment scales. Children develop positive and meaningful relationships with staff, in particular, their key person. This creates a sense of security and trust in practitioners. We strive to make our children independent, confident and well-balanced individuals with good knowledge of acceptable behaviour, rules of fairness and friendship; to this end we receive consistently receive positive feedback from Primary schools which receive our children into reception and nursery. Children are given opportunities to take calculated (but supervised) risks on an unenclosed stage area and in woodwork. They are given adequate space to manoeuvre, negotiate pathways and use large scale equipment. Children have good opportunities to practise their early writing skills, with pencils, crayons, non-toxic felt tips, paints, sticks and fingers. They understand that print carries meaning and can handle books appropriately. The majority of children aged 3 - 8 years are able to form some recognisable letters or write their names and some letters of the alphabet. Some children participate in bi-termly visits to our local Eco garden at a nearby school (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19), concentrating on developing communications skills such as speech, listening and taking turn to speak. This also impacts on their confidence and self-esteem.

We conintually observe, monitor and reviews each child’s progress throughout their time with us to ensure that each child is progressing to their full potential and that any potential word gaps are reduced.

Morning and free entitlement sessions begin
Circle time, talking and listening
Pre-planned free play (inside and outside)
Focused activities
Tidy up time
Toileting children/wash hands
Snack time focused on healthy eating
Table top activities e.g. puzzles and mark making (inside and outside).
Music and movement
Story Time
Multicultural songs and rhymes
Rewarding session
Lunch for extended day care children
Morning and free entitlement sessions end