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A little about us

Our Objective

It is our aim to provide early years childcare and education for children under 8 years of age. We are a member of the Early Learning Alliance and and under the Data Protection Act.

Our Setting

At BrightStart ChildCare & Education we have a variety of safe and suitable (British standard kite marked) furniture and equipment. We promote children's independence by ensuring that activities and equipment are accessible to every child. Practitioners have accurate knowledge of each child's background and needs as parents complete a home to nursery questionnaire that gives key persons a clear picture of each child's routines, likes and dislikes both as a starting point for assessment and to help them settle. We promote an inclusive environment for all children; those with English as a second language are well supported as our staff speak additional languages and obtain key words to help- children settle. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are integrated into the setting and given support by the staff as required. We continue to celebrate a variety of festivals throughout the year supported by books, resources and parental assistance to help our children develop an understanding of diversity.

BrightStart ChildCare has very rigorous evaluation processes. Our manager is committed to ongoing improvement and continues to have high expectations of staff who share her passion and positive approach in working together to maximise the children achievement.

Our Local Offer

On entry to our nursery, and at the beginning of each term, our staff will carry out a baseline assessment of your child's abilities. This will be matched to the appropriate Early Years Foundation Stage age-related milestones and will serve as a starting point for their learning journey. Play materials and equipment are made easily accessible to all children in accordance with Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales (ECERS). Differentiated and integrated learning experiences will be offered to children with additional needs based on advice from outside professionals, such as speech and language therapists, occupational health, paediatric services and the area SENCO.

Feedback from our parents

  • My child has done very well in the nursery. She has progressed tremendously and she only has positive to say about the staff and her carers. Thanks to the staff for all the love and support given to her


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