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About Us

Full day childcare for children under 8 years of age in Kenton, Harrow

Who we are

BrightStart ChildCare & Education (BrightStart ChildCare) aims to provide a high standard of early years childcare and education in accordance with current legislation, regulations and our policies and procedures. We deal fairly with all children and provide a warm friendly environment, supervised by fully qualified and experienced staff.

Our Ethos

BrightStart ChildCare will always challenge discriminatory or stereotypical attitudes and remarks by explaining that everyone has a right to be respected and valued as an individual.


We are a member of the Early Years Alliance.

Approved by the Office For Standards In Education (Ofsted). Registration No. EY342404. We are registered for the Nursery Education Grant and under the Data Protection Act.

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-- Our care team consists of

  • A Nursery Manager qualified to N.V.Q Level 4


  • Team Leader/Deputy Manager qualified to N/V/Q Level 6


  • Child Care Practitioners qualified to N.V.Q Level 3


  • Apprentice Practitioners, parent helpers and students on workplacement


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Our local offer explains how we do what we do and answers many Frequently Asked Questions.

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Feedback from our parents

  • My child has done very well in the nursery. She has progressed tremendously and she only has positive to say about the staff and her carers. Thanks to the staff for all the love and support given to her


How to complainComplaints Procedure

All complaints must be made to the Nursery Manager in the first instance. Serious complaints must be put in writing or otherwise recorded.

Complaints will be responded to, in writing, within five working days of receipt.

If it has not been possible to resolve concerns using the Nursery's own procedures, a formal complaint may be made to Ofsted.


This can be done by sending an email to: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

or calling their helpline line: 0300 123 4336

or calling their complaints line: 0300 123 1231

or writing to: The National Business Unit, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD

or by submitting an online complaint at: https://contact.ofsted.gov.uk/onlinecomplaints