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National Education Grant (NEG)

You may be eligible for up to 30 hours of free childcare in Brent.

About NEG funding

We offer 15 hours of nursery education which is completely free to parents who only want to access 15 hours. No deposit or registration fees is payable for this service.

The 15 hours can be accessed as a standalone offer for term time only, or as part of a larger childcare provision. Parents are entitled to 38 weeks free nursery education per year which is divided into 3 terms of 13 weeks, 12 weeks and 13 weeks starting in September, January and April of each year.

An NEG application form and supporting documents can be found on the terms and conditions page. The same form is used for NEG parents who wish to purchase a learning journal for their children, at an additional cost.

You will be asked to sign a paper copy of a free entitlement declaration at the nursery when an application for funding is being made. Please note that the Local Authority will check your child's eligibility for free nursery education. We may be required to produce a copy of your child's birth certificate and other supporting documents.

Read:NEG Code of Practice